What Are Your Next Steps? 

We at Allegan Bible Church are a community of believers and a family, and we are part of an even bigger family: Jesus Christ's universal church comprised of believers around the world. You are in that family if you are a believer. Maybe you are new to faith in Jesus, or maybe you are new to Allegan and seeking community here.

In this two week class, you will meet Pastor Jon and learn about Allegan Bible Church's purpose and mission in Allegan. We will talk about the importance of our beliefs in shaping what we do and where we go, as well as the necessity of engaging in community with each other, finding our what our gifts are and how to use them, and pursuing spiritual growth as led by the Holy Spirit. This class is for anyone, whether you have just come to know Jesus as your Lord and Savior, or whether you have been following Him your whole life!

Our next class is scheduled for July 11th. This class begins immediately following church service.

Click below to sign up for this class, or text NEXT to (855) 621-1521 to get updates.