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LG's In A Nutshell


To enable the body of Christ to find Connection in Fellowship, and Spiritual Growth through Discipleship. We desire to meet in each other’s homes, to know one another, to explore God’s word together, worshipping, praying, and as God wills, growing in faith and in love.

Sermon Based

Our fellowship is rooted in the common bond of our Savior, so we will be meeting in each other’s homes not as merely a social event, but to explore together the application of the pastor’s weekly message.

Group Makeup

Groups will have a group leader responsible for leading group meetings, being aware of the spiritual needs of their group members and communicating special needs to the pastor. Groups will also have a designated host who is responsible for providing a clean home and light refreshments, coordinating social events, service projects, and coordinating the group to meet one another’s needs. Each group will be limited to at most 14 people, including the leaders; large enough for good dialogue, but small enough to not make people uncomfortable with talking

Group Schedule

Groups will meet once each week, in four 10-week sessions from September through May. The start of a session is the chance to join or switch. The first 3 weeks is everyone’s chance to make a graceful exit if the group is not a fit. Beyond this point we encourage people to stick it out (it is only 7 more weeks!)

Fellowship Agreement

Community provides opportunity to love one another, but being imperfect people, we recognize it may also create opportunity for discord. Each group will have an “agreement for fellowship” aimed to remind the group of the biblical behavior they aspire to hold themselves accountable to.


Small groups are an adult ministry. Parents who wish to be involved need to secure childcare for their children. We encourage the church body to find creative ways to help parents participate.

Other Ministries

Evidence shows that most can only commit to two church activities in a week without feeling overwhelmed. We will be seeking to find the balance between this and other ministries.